Myths about your body

Playing sports

Typically a lot of people tend to discourage girls from playing sports which is largely due to the mindset surrounding your virginity. It is necessary to understand that your virginity can only be taken when you partake in penal intercourse and not otherwise. Taking one’s virginity which is often characterised by the phrase “popping the cherry” refers to the breaking of the hymen when the penis enters the vagina. The hymen can be broken by engaging in activities such as running or rigourous athletics, but that doesn’t mean you have lost your virginity. A lot of women don’t even have a hymen and that is normal.

Being Impure during periods

While you may be repeatedly told a variety of things such as not touching the pickle when you have a period or that you are impure. These things are just taboos. Periods are a normal bodily function just like digesting food and that is how it should be treated!

Anal and Oral sex are also Sex and can spread HIV-AIDS. Though AIDS is not spread via shaking someone’s hand or hugging them or talking to them.

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