India has a high percentage of unplanned pregnancies in India. Unless you are trying to fall pregnant you should take all necessary precautions against pregnancy. You should never rely on someone else to “be prepared”.

  • First and foremost thing to do – confirm your pregnancy. Skipping periods does not mean that you are pregnant. Either purchase a home pregnancy test kit or consult a doctor, to confirm your pregnancy. If it is a false alarm then find out why you missed your periods. Anaemia, eating and sleeping disorder or intense physical activities can also be some of the reasons behind this. But, once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is time for some action.
  • Do not panic! Easier said than done, try to be calm and think rationally. If you are underage or financially dependent, then parental guidance is essential. Go to someone whom you can trust for support and assistance. Talk to your partner and discuss your options. Married women, who already have children, need to be sure that they are prepared for another child. At the end, it is your life and your decision.

Whether you are married or not, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you ready to become a mother?

Are you financially stable enough?

Are you emotionally and physically ready to do this?

Do you have your family’s support?

Is your partner (husband) ready for this step?

If you have already been over such questions, then you will have to think what your next step is going to be. So, be wise about it.