Defining Domestic Violence

Home is where the family lives together safe and protected. Sometimes, Home can become the place for suffering due to violence and abuse. Violence within home or Domestic Violence can take place in various forms- Such as-

Physical Abuse which could mean causing bodily pain, harm, or danger to life, limb, or health, strangulation or choking, shaking, eye injuries, biting, slapping, pushing spitting, punching or kicking, locking the person in or out of the house, forcing to take drugs, withholding medication, food or medical care, or sleep deprivation.

Sexual abuse which could be in the form of " forced/unwanted sex, assaulting genitals, forced sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, making one perform sexual acts unwillingly, taking or distributing explicit photos without their consent, criticising, or using sexually degrading insults language.

"verbal/ emotional/ Psychological abuse" like- insults, ridicule, humiliation etc.

"economic abuse" includes- Not paying for necessary expenses, taking away the salary not providing finances for schools fees of children or medical expenses, disposal of household effects or properties by not taking consent or taking consent under threat.