Seeing a Doctor

What if you want to go to the doctor on your own?

There is no specific age from when you can see a doctor without your parents present. Most doctors will see you without your parents from around the age of 14. They will decide this based on what the problem is and how well they think you understand what they are telling you.

Doctors have to maintain confidentiality meaning they can’t tell anyone what you have told them but there are some exceptions to this. You should always clarify with them first that they are happy to see you without your parent or guardian and to keep your appointment confidential.

If you need further treatment the doctor will need to assess whether or not you understand what your options are, how serious the condition is, your level of maturity and your level of independence on order to decide whether or not you are able to consent to the treatment.

Visiting your gynaecologist

On hitting puberty, there might be certain things about your body that you may not be very clear about. This is a normal feeling. You can talk to an adult you trust or even visit a gynaecologist.
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