Drivers’ License

A driver's license can either be a Learner’s License or a Permanent or an International Driver’s License Permit.

Learner’s License

Before you can obtain you Permanent License, you need to obtain a Learner's License. You can get a Learner's License for a private motor vehicle( for a vehicle of 50 CC engine capacity and without any gears), when you are 16 years old (as long as your parents or guardians give their consent).

To get a Learner's License, you will need to apply to the Local Transport Office in your region, and take along your passport-sized photographs, proof of your age and proof of your residence, declaration of medical fitness and pay the required fee. After verification of your documents, you will have to go through the Learner's Test. Usually a handbook of traffic rules, signs and regulations is provided with the application form. On passing the Learner's Test, you will be issued a Learner's License.
If you fail the test, don't worry you will be given a chance to take the test again.

Permanent License

To get a Permanent License, you must have a valid Learner's License. You can apply for your Permnent License between 30 days and 180 days of obtaining the Learner's License. You should be conversant about vehicle systems, driving, traffic rules regulations. You will be put through a practical driving test and you'll need to bring your own car to complete the test. On passing the test, you will be issued a Permanent Driving License

International Driving License

International Driving Licenses are valid for one year. If you are visiting another country,you are required to get an International Driving License.