Safety Online

Be careful what you put on the internet, as anyone anywhere can potentially see or read it.

Posting online – where does it go?

Everything you do online can be recorded and saved forever on the servers of the websites and internet providers that you use, even the things you have deleted.

Everything you post online could potentially become public information even if you think it is protected. This includes things like your social media photos and your status updates even if your profile is set to private.

In most cases the police will be able to access online information from the service providers, even information that you have protected with passwords. This includes emails and private messages.


Cloud Services are a way of storing information on a providers server that can be accessed by you anywhere in the world, and are associated with a variety of email services, data backups or information from your Apple, Android smart phone or device. Items stored on the cloud can stay there forever irrespective of whether you want that to be the case or not. One way to avoid this is to check the settings of your device, switch off automatic syncing and uploading only those things that you want on the cloud.

Online safety –some ideas

  • Limiting the personal details that you share online by restricting posts to close friends only is a good start. You should still be careful what you post as you don’t always know who has access to your friends’ accounts.
  • Many ‘friends’ may only be ‘acquaintances’, so if possible you should limit how much information you share with them.
  • It can be fun to make new friends online, however, not everyone is who they say they are. You should always be careful with whom you interact and never give personal information to people you have not met in real life.
  • The internet, like anywhere else, is filled with people looking for potential targets. They may target you for a financial scam, identity theft or they may be a sexual predator. These people will often gain your trust and collect any personal details that you provide them.
  • Never give someone you have met online money or your bank account details. If you decide to meet someone from online then do it in a public place, preferably taking a friend with you. Safety should always be your first priority.