Bullying is when someone behaves in a way towards another person or group of people to upset or hurt them or damage their property, reputation or acceptance by others. It’s usually repeated behaviour and can be carried out over a number of days but sometimes it can go on for weeks, months or years.

Texts, phone calls, instant messages, blogs, chat, social media, web pages – any form of bullying that uses online communication or mobile phones is cyberbullying. Legally, cyberbullying is the same thing as bullying.

Bullying is never OK. You should always tell someone you trust if you are being bullied, whether online or face to face as bullying is serious and can escalate and result in serious injury if it continues.

If it is happening online then you should block the bully and report them to the website provider, your parents or your employer straight away. It is not a good idea to respond to their comments as it will not stop their behavior, but instead will make it worse as bullies thrive on reactions.

If it happens at school you should tell your parents, teachers and the principal immediately. Schools have strict bullying policies that mean they have to take action to prevent and stop bullying and keep you safe.If the bullying is becoming a serious concern to you,get the Police involved.