Inspecting Properties

Before you agree to rent or live as a paying guest at a property, you should take the time to ask questions and to make sure the property has everything you need.

  • Ask lots of questions such as can you have pets, is there parking for you to use,is there internet connectivity and who is responsible for the common area maintenance.
  • Take your time looking through to make sure the home has everything that you need, find out where local services, shops and public transport are.
  • If you have identified anything that is damaged, like a broken window, ask whether it will be fixed before you move in. Try to document any damage and get an agreed property condition report in writing.
  • Think about whether you can afford the rent and still pay for power, food, gas, water and any other bills you may have.
  • You should insist on a written lease, rental agreement or occupancy agreement.
  • Do a check on the safety of the area and the property and also check the reputation of the landlord.