Warranty – what is it?

Some items or products are sold with a warranty. A warranty is a promise that if the product is faulty or breaks down within a specific period of time and it is not the fault of the user, that the item will be repaired or replaced.

Items have different lengths of warranty. It is important to check what the warranty is and what the terms are.

You will normally need your receipt to claim on a warranty.

A retailer may offer you an extended warranty for an extra fee. You should always check that this warranty is value for money and does not conflict with the manufacturers’ warranty.

You will be made aware of such warranties at the time of purchase. In the event of any such problems with the product you can ask the retailer for the promised services as stated in the warranty contract. In case of being denied a warranty claim, you can file a case against the seller under the Consumer Protection Act in the nearest Consumer Court.