Online Shopping

Online shopping is easy – you press some buttons, and your purchase is delivered to your door. Still, there are certain things you need to know in order to keep your money safe when you spend it online.

When you are shopping online you should use a trusted site and protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Never give out your credit card details unless you trust the site that you are purchasing from.

PayPal is one service which aims to facilitate secure transactions for internet purchases, especially on sites like eBay. If you sign up for PayPal, make sure that you understand any terms and conditions.

Make sure you check your credit card accounts, bank accounts and PayPal accounts regularly for any strange transactions, for instance you may have been charged for something you did not purchase – this is an unauthorized transaction.

If you believe unauthorized transaction have occurred on any of your accounts, contact your bank straight away.

Tip: Emails that seem to be from your bank or Paypal asking for your account details are often scam. If you have any doubt about an email, call your bank.